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Volunteer Policy

Volunteer Policy

LFSA has a volunteer policy to help strengthen the organization.  LFSA hosts multiple tournaments as our primary fundraising events.  These tournaments are well attended, attract high quality teams and have a great reputation.  Parent support and participation through volunteering is essential to the success of these tournaments. 

The number of hours required may change from season to season based on program need.  The Board of Directors may increase or decrease these hours based on program need.

The policy is per family.  If you have multiple players in LFSA, you must fulfill the volunteer hours as defined: 

Volunteers must be 16 years of age or older. 

2024 Spring/Summer Dib Requirements:

(Fall Dibs will be determined when the Fall Schedule is finalized)

In-House:  3 hours or family maximum of 6 hours

Travel:  6 hours or family maximum of 9 hours

*Maximum is determined based on highest level of play

Exceptions to the volunteer requirements are as follows:

  • LFSA Board Members – no volunteer hours required. Board members will make every effort to assist with concessions and fields during LFSA hosted tournaments and games.
  • Head Coach (Traveling) – no volunteer hours required.
  • Primary Assistant Coach (Traveling) – no volunteer hours required.
  • Additional Assistant coach (Traveling) - 1/2 hours required. If there are 2 Additional Assistant coaches, they will need to determine how to fulfill the 1/2 dibs requirement together. LFSA does not track or manage dibs splitting. 
  • Team Manager (Traveling only) – 1/2 hours required.
  • In-House Head Coach and up to two In-House Assistant Coaches - no volunteer hours required.

Families who are unable to complete their dibs requirement will be invoiced at the end of the season for $500.  Invoices are required to be paid in full to ensure eligibility for the athlete to be on a team in any subsequent seasons.   Unpaid invoices will result in the athlete's exclusion from player evaluations as well as team placement.  Payments received following player evaluations in the fall will reinstate the athlete's eligibility however it may impact team placement with the athlete not having completed an evaluation.  

Volunteer opportunities include field preparation, tournaments, and other events as determined by the Board of Directors.

Please be advised that if you complete only a portion of your required hours, you will be invoiced $500 at the end of the season as defined by LFSA's Volunteer Policy. This applies to In-House and Traveling players. 

Volunteer Buyout

If you know you are unable to volunteer during the season, you may participate in our buyout program.

Families may choose the buyout option at the time of registration for $500.00. This payment will be made during registration and you will not be expected to complete hours. 


Volunteer Opportunities

All shifts will be posted in the online volunteer system (Dibs) on the LFSA website and notification of new shifts will be sent via e-mail. There will be a sign in sheet at each event to ensure your hours are recorded. How does a Volunteer claim a Dib Item?

  • Go to
  • Log In
  • Select the Dashboard at the Top-Left of the Screen
  • Select Dibs: Here you can browse assigned Dib Sessions and claim responsibility for Dib Items. You then complete Dib Items to fulfill your Dib Session requirements. To begin claiming Dib Items, click the Claim Dib Items link within the particular session
  • Select a Dibs Session to Claim
  • Select the Dibs Item
  • Claim the Dibs Item
  • Type in Volunteer Information

Note: When you claim a Dib Item (shift), an Admin from the organization must grant completion of the Item for you before your account receives the credit value. 

Volunteer Requirements:

  • Once you commit to a volunteer shift, it's your responsibility to cover it.
  • Cancellations are allowed if made at least 7 days before your shift.
  • Only shifts tracked on Dibs will count toward the volunteer requirement.
  • Plan to arrive 10 minutes before your shift starts.

For any questions, please contact the LFSA Secretary.