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Program Overview

Our In-House program is designed to provide a quality fastpitch softball experience to the younger player ages 4 to 8. The program is designed to teach fundamentals of the game to build a foundation for future levels. Players are taught basic softball skills along with sportsmanship and team play.  This is softball's version of tee-ball.

Age groups are based on the player's age as of December 31st of the prior year. Players must participate within their age groups to build cohesiveness with their teammates for upcoming years. Below is more detailed information on each level.

in-house/tball/teeball softball team picture

In-House Program for 6U & 8U Levels

Additional Information

Below is some additional information about our In-House Program. 

  • The in-house season runs from the end of April to late June. Players will be contacted by their coach in mid-April.
  • LFSA has a volunteer requirement for our families. Please visit the Volunteers page for more information.
  • Players are supplied with team t-shirts, game socks and shorts.
  • Each player’s school typically determines team placement. We will follow this model as best we can.
  • Coaches will be provided with assistance to help them utilize their field space as well as facilitating practices that are instructional and fun. LFSA will hold a coaching clinic for all coaches in the In-House program.
  • All families are encouraged to help with anything from coaching, practice helpers, umpiring, cheering and supplying treats. Help from everyone will make it a better experience for all of the players. We appreciate any contribution of your time… big or small!

In-House Softball FAQs

What is the difference between In-House League and Traveling League?

In-House League is for beginner softball players and is a more recreational league.  Traveling League is a more competitive softball program and involves player assessments, weekend tournaments, and more game play.

What does 6U stand for?

6U is for players ages 6 and under (ages 4-6); this league is a T-ball league.

What does 8U stand for?

8U is for players ages 8 and under (7 to 8 year olds); this league is a pitching machine league.

What age group (6U or 8U) will my daughter be assigned?

Age groups are based on the player’s age as of December 31, 2022

What equipment do I need to buy?

All players must bring a water bottle, a glove, and a softball fielder’s face mask.

What equipment is provided?

The league provides helmets, bats, catchers gear, softballs, tennis balls, whiffle balls, ice packs, training cones, batting tee, sling machine, bases, and first aid kit.

What is included with the uniform?

Jersey top with number on back, game shorts, game socks (Spring/Summer Season). 

What equipment is optional to buy?

Softball cleats (can wear tennis shoes), bat, helmet, batting gloves, and bat bag.

Where are practices and games?

All practices and games are at Lakeview Elementary, Lakeville (fields 1-4).

What days of the week does 6U play? 8U?

6U is Monday & Wednesday, for 1 hour; 8U is Tuesday & Thursday, for 1 hour 15 min.

What times are practices / games?

Practices for 6U will start at either 5:30pm OR 6:30pm. 8U will start at either 5:15pm or 6:30pm; All games will be 6:30pm; arrive for practices 15 minutes prior to start time; arrive for games 30 minutes prior to start time for warm-ups.

How many volunteer hours per family do I need to complete? 

Both 6U & 8U need to complete  3 hours with a max of 6 if more than one child in the program for the Spring/Summer Season and 2 hours when registered for the Fall Season.

What if I don’t complete my volunteer hours?

The League needs your time more than your money.  If volunteer hours are not completed, the League will cash your deposit check; the League will notify before cashing.

Where are typical volunteer hours worked?

Most volunteer hours are at Aronson Park, helping facilitate Lakeville Softball Tournaments (concession stand, field work, etc.).

How do I find the volunteer hours to sign up? Will I receive emails?

Volunteer hours will be emailed to all parents upon availability.  Volunteer hours will also be posted to the DIBS tab on the website.

When does the season start and end?

Season begins Monday, April 24th through Thursday, June 22nd  (9 weeks).

Are practices or games on the weekends?

No.  All practices and games are scheduled during the week.

Are there make-up games due to weather cancellations?

Yes. Make-ups are determined by the Coach. Will be Friday PM (6U) and Saturday AM (8U).

How are batting and fielding line-ups formed?

Coaches play each player a different fielding position each inning. Batting lineups rotate throughout the season so all players get to bat first for a game.

How are teams formed?

Team placement is based on age, school enrollment and friend requests; 9-12 players per team.

Can I request a friend to be on my daughter’s team?

We will do our best to honor a friend request.

Do parents bring snacks/drinks for game days?

Yes.  Coaches assign snacks/drinks to parents for games only.

How many Coaches are assigned to each team?

Each team is assigned 1 Head Coach and 1-2 Assistant Coaches (these coaches are parent volunteers); parents willing to help during practices and games are greatly appreciated; teams are also assigned High School Mentors for practices.

How is the season scheduled?

The first half of the season is mostly practice; the last half of the season will be mostly games.